5 Reasons People Don’t Like Your Website

We live in a culture of convenience. The Internet has taught us that if we want something, by golly we can have it – NOW. As consumers, that’s pretty cool. But as business owners, we face some real challenges…. and that’s why we’re writing this blog – we want to deliver any quick-fix we can.

Can’t understand why people aren’t hanging around your website?
Behold: 5 reasons people click that little red “X.”


This is the single, most obnoxious, self-serving thing you can do to your customers. They came to your site thinking you could help, instead, you launch into a sales pitch pushing something you think is more important.

And worse, you don’t know where their speaker volume is set. You’ll probably wind up yelling at your prospects. This is no way to begin a relationship.


Same story here. Prospects visit your site and the first thing you do is throw an ad in their face? Where are your manners? Some companies even feel comfortable asking folks to register before they even see what’s available. Screw that.

Not Mobile-friendly

It’s a relatively recent development, but about 55% of all consumers are browsing from a mobile device (eff. Jan 2014). If your site can’t speak to “people on the go,” they’ll take their dollars elsewhere.
72% of your consumers expect mobile access, and 67% say they’re more likely to buy if your site works well on their phone. That’s too many people to ignore.

Bad Branding

If you deliver top-notch goods and services, your site needs to reflect that. It’s shocking to see how many businesses are still sporting a site from the 1990’s. People lose trust when they see old-school sites with crumby logos. It makes you look out-dated, cheap and disinterested. Same thing goes for generic stock photos of smiling phone operators…

Cluttered Content

We know you’ve got a lot to say, you’ve got a great company. But be careful not to throw everything onto the same screen. Your customers will get flustered and leave. They need clear, easy-to-grasp concepts and an obvious path to the answers they seek. Everything else is just noise.

No more enormous, slow-loading slideshow, animated ads, and get rid of all those crazy colors. Short and sweet, folks. That’s what makes an impact.

Hope this helps get you thinking about your website from a different angle. Remember, you’re a consumer too – what do you want to see when you go hunting online?

Brian Parker
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