What is AskTG?
AskTG is a free resource built to help entrepreneurs and business owners with design and self-promotion. Typically, you need to pay someone to talk with you about this stuff. Here, you just send in your question and I’ll do my best to guide you. That’s easy, right?

How does it work?
Just click here and ask whatever design-related question you like.

For very specific inquiries, you’ll probably just get a response via email. For broader subjects that may help others, I’ll type up a blog post. For companies in search of deep insight and exploration, we should probably explore working together.

NOTE:   Since this is a one-man operation, responses could take a couple days but I won’t leave you hanging.

Why does it exist?
Nothing embodies the American spirit like someone willing to chart his/her own course. Running a business is far tougher than most people realize. There are one thousand moving parts and real people depend on you to make it work. It’s an uphill battle all the way. So, if you’ve chosen to launch your own enterprise… you’ve got moxie, friend.

Words like courage and determination now define your character, and that’s the kind of person I admire.

Unfortunately, I consistently see good people killing opportunities with bad design. Illegible signs, shitty business cards and slow-loading websites… those things are quietly costing you clients. Even worse, they’re squandering your precious marketing budget.

You need professional guidance. Seriously.

If you’re relying on your sister’s kid who just graduated high school, you’re in trouble. You don’t have to break the bank, but you need someone conscious of your business goals with solid ideas of how to achieve them.

AskTG is my attempt to help you better understand what your business needs, how to protect your capital and ultimately, to bolster our economy from the inside out.

Who is behind it?
My name is Brian Parker, owner of a design studio called Typical Genius. My little business has been in operation since 2013 and has served a wide range of clients from local manufacturers to nation-wide pharmacies.

I graduated from the University of Colorado (please don’t hold it against me) with a degree in Communication and logged more than 20yrs in the private sector across many disciplines. Regardless of title, I have always worked to improve my employer’s image and quality of messaging to improve our bottom line.

Nowadays, I’m a design junkie. I read about this stuff constantly. Logos, websites, tradeshow booths, font selection, the psychology of color, behavioral responses, etc. I see and study it all. Design is my “thing.”

So instead of inundating my loved ones with further discussion of why a design is right or wrong, I’m putting my energy into AskTG. And I hope, my passion for the field will lead you to even more success.